Fujica GSW690 (Texas-Leica)

The Fujica GW690 Professional and the nine similar models that followed it are leaf-shutter fixed-lens rangefinder cameras for 120/220 film that Fuji brought out as successors to its interchangeable-lens Fujica GL690 and GM670 Professional models.

In addition to the Fujica GW690 Professional and Fujica GSW690 Professional (the last to be called „Fujica“), the series includes the Fuji GW690IIGW670IIGSW690IIGW690IIIGW680IIIGW670IIIGSW690III and GSW680III (all of them „Professional“); the entire series is treated within this article.[1]

Features (such as interchangeable film backs) normal among medium-format cameras of the time, and others (such as exposure meters) almost universal among cameras in general are missing in the GW690 and its successors, which look rather as if a black Leica M3 with a particularly large lens (perhaps 85mm f/1.8) had been made to a much larger scale.

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